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  1. April 24, 2024

    10 Top Tips for Troubleshooting Cisco 9200 Series Network Switches

    Looking to troubleshoot your Cisco 9200 Series network switches? Our quick guide provides 10 expert tips for diagnosing and resolving common issues. From checking physical connections to monitoring CPU usage and updating firmware, we've got you covered. Keep your network running smoothly with these invaluable troubleshooting techniques

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  2. April 09, 2024

    Budget Busting: BSI Refurbished Back to School Special

    Discover unbeatable savings on BSI Refurbished laptops and desktops with our Budget Busting Back to School Special! Equipping educational institutions with quality, sustainable IT solutions under budget constraints. Contact us now and benefit from instant £5000 credit for multi-academy trusts, schools, colleges, and universities

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  3. February 26, 2024

    Q&A on Sustainable BSI-Approved Refubished Laptops and Desktops

    Ten Questions and Answers on Sustainable BSI Certified Refurbished Laptops and Desktops.

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  4. February 22, 2024

    Sell your unwant Cisco ASR router for top value back.

    Are you looking to upgrade your network infrastructure but unsure of what to do with your old Cisco ASR routers? Instead of letting them collect dust or contribute to electronic waste, consider selling them for top market value.

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  5. January 26, 2024

    Maximizing ROI: How Flux IT Hardware Helps You Reclaim Capital on New and Used Enterprise AI Hardware

    Do not loss out value on New and Used Enterprise AI hardware. See how Flux IT Hardware helps you  to reclaim capital.

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  6. October 04, 2023

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  7. October 04, 2023

    DTX Europe 2023 - 4-5 October. ExCeL London

    Coming to DTX 2023 London, Then visit us at Stand J52 to find out more about sustainable IT solutions.


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  8. September 14, 2023

    Five Reasons Why ISPs Should Buy Cisco ASR 1000 Routers

    Discover 5 compelling reasons for ISP's to invest in ASR 1000 routers today!

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  9. July 19, 2023

    Buy Refurbished: Renewed & Pre-owned Server & Storage Solutions

    Flux IT Hardware, is your first stop for cost-effective, sustainable, and reliable server and storage solutions. We specialise in offering refurbished, renewed, and pre-owned hardware that not only saves you money but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing electronic waste. 

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  10. July 17, 2023

    Buyer's Guide for Cisco ASR1001-X Router

    Looking to upgrade your network infrastructure? Check out Flux IT's Buyer's Guide for the Cisco ASR1001-X router, both new and refurbished options. Discover the key features, performance capabilities, and cost-effective solutions that this versatile router offers, ensuring optimal performance for your business needs. Don't miss out on this essential guide!

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