1. March 20, 2019

    What to do with Decommissioned Hardware During a Cloud Migration?

    Are you an IT service manager or network engineer just been tasked with a cloud migration initiative, you been asked then some of the obvious questions that your company needs to answered? Like which cloud services provider? What data to migrate? What app will you need?

    Don’t be lost in the excitement of a new project, to ask yourself the other equally as important question like: What are we going to do with unneeded hardware?

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  2. March 20, 2019

    Buy or Rent Cisco Hardware?

    Are you a network manager with a project that will last less than a year or just couple months? You may want to consider a short-term rental of Cisco hardware instead of a purchase or a lease.

    What are the benefits of renting Cisco equipment over lease you ask? 

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  3. March 20, 2019

    How to Dispose of Cisco Networking Equipment.

    Need to know how to dispose of Old or Surplus Cisco switches or routers?

    Do you have Cisco networking hardware in the rack that you want to dispose or recycle? Not sure how best to do it?

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  4. March 20, 2019

    Need a repair service for the Cisco ASR 9000 series?

    Require a UK repair service for the Cisco ASR 9000 series? From line cards, power supplies, and fans repair to complete replacement or spares.

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  5. March 20, 2019

    Why Sell Your Surplus New or Used Cisco Routers?

    Which? WEEE recycling or sell Cisco Routers / Switches.

    See how you can turn your surplus or unwanted Cisco equipment into working capital, instead of paying someone to bin it.

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  6. March 20, 2019

    Flux-IT Hardware's First Blog: Green IT revolution

    Flux IT's First blog posting. Come and join the Green IT revolution, see how we do it. Recycle your old networking hardware , In able you to Reuse high grade refurbished equipment to Reduce your network or datacenter hardware costs..

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