Turn you surplus or unwanted Juniper equipment into working capital.

Turn your surplus or unwanted Juniper equipment into working capital.

  • Free valuations
  • Trade in Juniper hardware
  • Top Cashback on EX & QFX Series
  • Fast BACS payment
  • Collection nationwide
  • Maximum value back

Sell Juniper networking equipment to Flux IT. We buy new, opened and used Juniper routers and enterprise switches. We offer fast payment and free collections. From decommissioned networks to over ordered equipment, we can help to recover some of your asset investment costs. Our service is hassle free and easy to use, all need to get started is the part codes of the equipment you have available and we'll give an upfront valuation. We will help you achieve maximum value back on yoursurplus new and used Juniper equipment. We aim to reuse and recycle as much equipment as possible which means less landfill and more money for your potential upgrades. See below for a list of Juniper networking systems we purchase. Don’t see your equipment listed? Let us know! 

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Sell Juniper Switches

Juniper EX Series 

  • EX2200
  • EX2200-C
  • EX2300
  • EX2300 Multigigabit
  • EX2300-C
  • EX3300
  • EX3400
  • EX4200
  • EX4300
  • EX4300 Multigigabit
  • EX4550
  • EX4600
  • EX4650
  • EX9200
  • EX9250

Juniper QFX Series 

  • QFX5100
  • QFX5110
  • QFX5120
  • QFX5200-48Y
  • QFX5200-32C
  • QFX5210-64C
  • QFX10002
  • QFX10008
  • QFX10016

Sell Juniper Routers

J Series Services Routers

  • J2300
  • J2320
  • J2350
  • J4300
  • J4350
  • J6300
  • J6350

M Series Multiservice Edge Routers

  • M5
  • M7
  • M7i
  • M10
  • M10i
  • M40e
  • M120
  • M320

MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers

  • MX5
  • MX10
  • MX40
  • MX80
  • MX104
  • MX240
  • MX480
  • MX960
  • MX2010
  • MX2020

T Series Core Routers

  • T320
  • T640
  • T1600
  • T4000

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We will also buy your surplus Juniper modules, processors, power supplies and other related network hardware and I.T. technology.