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Product Condition Grading

We source our products from a range of suppliers including manufacturers, distributors, leasing companies and brokers with UK and Europe. The condition of the products that we purchase can vary from "new" to "not fit for resale", and every item that we sell goes through a grading process before we make it available for sale; below are the grades under which we sell product and a brief explanation.

  • New - A brand new item in original sealed packaging.
  • New Open Box (NOB) - An item that is unused, the packaging may have been opened to check the contents or the item may have been repacked due to damaged original packaging.
  • Flux IT Refurbished - A pre-owned item that has been fully tested, cleaned and returned to factory defaults where applicable.

All refurbished items are re-packed into new custom designed packaging suitable for shipping.


With any purchase of IT equipment its imperative to protect your investment against faulty that can sometimes happen. This is why all the equipment we offer includes a 2 year return to base warranty. We also offer additional warranties to give you the option for longer coverage and next business day replacements. Due to the various channels from which we source product, they can carry a range of warranty options; there is sometimes the balance of a manufacturer’s warranty and some manufacturers will not transfer warranty on all equipment. Just because a product is described as new does not mean that it will have a manufacturer’s warranty or support, you should check the warranty on all products meets your expectations. You can be assured that all the products that we sell will be supported by a minimum warranty provided by Flux IT, including telephone support.

  • 2 Years Flux IT Warranty – 2 years parts and labour, return to base warranty provided by Flux IT Hardware Ltd, including telephone support.
  • 2 Years Flux IT Gold Warranty – Extended 5 years parts and labour, Next Business Day Replacement Warranty. Advances replaces and collecting warranty provided by Flux IT Hardware Ltd, including telephone support. Call sales for additional information.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty – Manufacturer’s warranty as described in product description. Different manufacturers have different warranty timescales, please read the product description and the manufacturer's websites for full details of support.

Standard Warranty

2 Year protection on all equipment. If something develops a fault we will bring the unit to our repair centre. If it cant be repaired we will replace it. Please note that if you are buying mission critical equipment then we would also suggest having a support contract in place with the required SLA. Our warranty replacements are not a next business day replacement service and can take a couple of days to process.

How the Warranty Works;

    • Any item that develops a fault is returned to us for inspection
    • If the unit is not repairable we will offer a direct replacement
    • If the unit is repairable then we usually need 3-4 days for repair.
    • Replacement is usually onsite within 1 week

5 Year Extended Warranty

Offers the same high level service as the standard warranty but will cover your equipment for 5 years.

Next Business Day Replacement Warranty

Our highest level service gives you complete piece of mind. There is no need to wait for your equipment to be repaired, we will send an identical part to site for the next business day.

Contact Sales for more information on 01992 576 522.