Why buy Refurbished Cisco hardware from Flux-IT?

We are proud member of UNEDA and uphold their high standards. This means that you are not only receiving the best price for your Cisco networking hardware, but also the highest quality and reliability of a company you can do business with and trust to deliver. 


Our Cisco Refurbishment Process 

If you’re thinking about buying refurbished Cisco equipment, chances are you’ve wondered about the quality and durability of used equipment. At Flux IT, our mission is to provide the highest quality refurbished Cisco products. To accomplish that, we have created the Flux IT Refurbishment process that is applied to all equipment we sell.

Flux IT Refurbishment includes these steps:

  • Inspect. Our anti-counterfeiting procedures and inspection standards include checking indicators, circuitry, bar codes, holograms and more to ensure the equipment is authentic Cisco that is in top condition.
  • Test. Tests include POST, Power Supply, Thermal Imaging, Layer 2 / Layer 3 and Stacking.
  • Restore. Each unit is restored to like-new condition using our detailed refinishing and painting process.
  • Package.  Equipment ships in a custom, Flux IT branded boxes.
  • Ship. Order accuracy is confirmed and we provides complimentary ground shipping



Here is a quick outline of our testing and quality control procedures:

Physical condition

  • Full of physical inspection of any kit being bought for stock or for immediate shipment includes :
  • Identification of any cosmetic and physical damage on any unit accepted rejection of any kit with substantive damage that either directly affects the operational working of any unit or grossly affects the cosmetic appearance of the unit beyond reasonable limits.
  • Repair or failure of any unit that has such damage within reason for the condition of the unit.
  • Presence of any necessary optional extras for a unit such as rack mounts/power cables/wall mounts that are necessary for operational usage of any unit accepted for stock or immediate shipment.

Operational condition

Full technical inspection of any kit being bought for stock or for immediate shipment includes :

  • Test all functional aspects to any device
  • The device is in the correct operational condition, i.e. fully boots and operates all known functions for that device and operates with expected behaviour and has no evidence of significant errors or incorrect behaviour as reported by any operating system or logging present.
  •  Network functionality ability to establish layer 2/3 connections where appropriate and forward packets correctly on all interfaces
  • The functionality of any additional interfaces such as stacking/console / screen-output.
  • Presence and functionality of any web-based interfaces
  • All internal devices and filesystems need are present and correct for specification of the unit
  • Any component faults are identified and are either repaired/replaced or failed along with an item
  • The appropriate or original software is supplied with the item to allow normal or acceptable operation

Data removal

  • Any drives or personal data from previous users undergo secure deletion, even if not required by the previous owner
  • Any configuration data from previous users are correctly removed

All items taken into stock either for immediate shipment or stock are given full test report if not failed, which is dated, any items in stock for over 6 months are retested before shipment.

Our technicians are certified with both CCNA / CCNA(security) and CCNP. Have over 10 years of experience in reseller environment testing equipment and giving additional technical services.

Select From our vast range of Cisco networking products, and buy with the confidence of knowing you are getting the best-refurbished units in the UK and Europe.

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