Proud to be Members of UNEDA

Dear customer,

We congratulate you on finding our company. This means that you are not only looking for the best price for your networking and server hardware, but also that the quality and reliability of the company you do business with is very important to you.

Flux IT Hardware is a member of Uneda

UNEDA  stands for  U nited  N etwork  E quipment  D ealer  A ssociation.

United Networking Equipment Dealers Association (UNEDA) is what it stands for but it represents an organisation of member companies who maintain and enforce high standards of ethical professional practices, which make membership in the Association a recognised mark of experience, stability, reliability, integrity and competence. There are strict rules and regulations to become and continue being a member which maintain the highest level of ethics and responsibility to bring credit and enhancement to the reputation of our industry.

If you buy members from Uneda, you buy from professional companies who are very aware of the changes in the market. Together with all other Uneda members, we have set standards for various topics such as ethics, testing, warranty, packaging, shipping procedures and the prevention of trade in counterfeit equipment. This means that you as our customer are sure of a professional treatment of you, your equipment and your complaints. If you do have a complaint about your delivery card, the Uneda DRC can mediate between you and your salesman.

So doing business with Uneda means:

  • You   buy original equipment and we will ensure that what we buy is also original.
  • You buy  tested equipment , untested equipment is not sold by Uneda members.
  • Equipment is sold with  warranty . We stand for quality and long-term relationships with our customers.
  • Your equipment has  been tested and packaged with  care by professional people.
  • We take all your complaints seriously. We are  100% satisfied customers  and we want you to be more than 100% happy with our products and services.