WEEE Recycling & IT Disposal

Total peace of mind solutions for the safe disposal and recycling of old IT equipment.

Flux IT Hardware provides simple, secure and affordable IT recycling services to local organisations across Essex, Herts, and Cambridgeshire that wish to safely and securely dispose of their unwanted IT equipment.

We provide an end-to-end service that includes the collection, recycling and disposal of your old IT technology, in addition to the permanent deletion and destruction of your sensitive data.

We’ll ensure you conform to regulatory compliance by confirming the safe disposal and recycling of your IT equipment in writing. Our services are fully compliant with the WEEE directive. We help companies to reduce the amount of electronic equipment waite being produced and encourage more local businesses to recycle their old IT products.



Simple service to support your IT waste needs

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1. Asset Appraisal & Recording

We’ll conduct a full appraisal of your redundant IT equipment so we can provide you with an accurate recycling cost. During the disposal or recycling process, we’ll compile a full asset list that contains information about the equipment that’s been handed over to us. This includes a unique asset number, the make and model of the equipment, the item condition, the data removal process (if required) and the Cashback/disposal avenue. A copy of this audit will be provided to you upon completion for your records.

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2. Payment

Cashback. Some of your old IT equipment may still have some residual value. In this instance, we will offset the value against the cost of recycling.

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3. Logistics

We provide a dedicated collection service to local Organisations that are located throughout Essex, Herts and Cambridge. We can provide small office clearances, or we provide a corporate IT recycling service for bigger collections. Every collection is processed at our head office in Essex.

What IT equipment can we recycle and dispose?

  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptops
  • Tablet devices and Smartphones
  • Servers
  • VoIP telephone systems
  • Networking equipment (Firewalls, routers, switches etc.)
  • Data storage units (NAS and SAN devices)

Take the first step towards disposing your old IT equipment safely and securely.

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Fully compliant Data Destruction services.

According to the 1998 Data Protection Act, all organisations have a legal requirement to apply appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorised access, loss, modification and destruction of personally identifiable data. Failure to comply will result in prosecution and fines.

Our data destruction services ensure that your sensitive Company and client data is destroyed or erased by using methods that confirm to regulatory compliance.

  • Data overwriting - We offer a data overwriting service that eclipses the American Military DOD 52220.22-M standards that are used as the benchmark for overwriting data a minimum of 3 times. We’ll overwrite your hard disk over 99 times to ensure that your data is completely erased.
  • Hard Drive crushing – Our hard drive crusher is used to destroy hard disks that cannot be erased. The crusher will damage your hard drives to the point where it becomes impossible to recover data from the platters. Once crushed, the remaining waste is processed into raw material.
  • Hard Drive shredding – Hard drive shredding is the ultimate data destruction service. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your data has been safely destroyed by shredding your redundant hard disks into 4mm particles
  • Other hardware shredding services – We can shred most other storage devices that could potentially contain personally identifiable and company sensitive data. These include USB sticks and pen drives, Optical Media, DLT and DAT Backup tapes