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  1. April 09, 2024

    Budget Busting: BSI Refurbished Back to School Special

    Discover unbeatable savings on BSI Refurbished laptops and desktops with our Budget Busting Back to School Special! Equipping educational institutions with quality, sustainable IT solutions under budget constraints. Contact us now and benefit from instant £5000 credit for multi-academy trusts, schools, colleges, and universities

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  2. February 26, 2024

    Q&A on Sustainable BSI-Approved Refubished Laptops and Desktops

    Ten Questions and Answers on Sustainable BSI Certified Refurbished Laptops and Desktops.

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  3. July 19, 2023

    Buy Refurbished: Renewed & Pre-owned Server & Storage Solutions

    Flux IT Hardware, is your first stop for cost-effective, sustainable, and reliable server and storage solutions. We specialise in offering refurbished, renewed, and pre-owned hardware that not only saves you money but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing electronic waste. 

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  4. June 16, 2023

    Refurbished IT equipment from Flux IT Hardware.

    Get green IT kudos for your business or organisation by buying refurbished network and server equipment.

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  5. June 01, 2023

    Embrace Sustainable IT: A Greener Future for Educational IT Departments

    Consider a greener future for your educational IT department. Embrace sustainable IT policy to save the planet and money.

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  6. April 07, 2022

    Are you looking for a GREEN way to recycle your used HP or Dell server?

    Got old used servers, pay attention. Are you looking for a GREEN way to recycle your used HP or Dell server and maybe make money?
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  7. August 02, 2021

    Have you thought of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)?

    IT EQUIPMENT RECYCLING AND ASSET DISPOSAL. Find a hassle-free & secure way to sell or recycle data equipment ie Servers, Storage, Networking Equipment, Laptops and Desktops in bulk.
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  8. March 17, 2021

    Reasons to Sell unwanted used servers

    Got old rackmount servers or tower servers sitting around? Need some reasons to sell your unwanted servers? Are you confused about what to do with your old servers?
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  9. March 17, 2021

    Tax Break on computer equipment and servers

    As of 01/04/2021, the super-deduction tax break means that you can claim 130 per cent of what you spend on equipment for your business against taxable profits. Significantly reducing the cost of these goods! Qualified expenses include: "computer equipment and servers".
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  10. March 02, 2021

    What to do with Decommissioned Hardware During a Cloud Migration?

    Are you an IT service manager or network engineer just been tasked with a cloud migration initiative, you been asked then some of the obvious questions that your company needs to answered? Like which cloud services provider? What data to migrate? What app will you need?

    Don’t be lost in the excitement of a new project, to ask yourself the other equally as important question like: What are we going to do with unneeded hardware?

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