Like many UK companies and organisations that have undertaken purchasing and deployments of equipment to enable staff to efficiently work from home during the pandemic.  Now lockdown rules have relaxed and people are heading back to a form of normal,  as a company director, IT Asset Manager or IT manager it’s important to ask yourself “what is going to happen to all the extra equipment deployed during these hard times?”  Hopefully, we can help you understand how ITAD and Flux IT Hardware can assist in some key areas. So, looking for a third-party vendor could make a lot more sense than doing it yourself.

We believe ITAD services should be classified as essential to your business, hence we provide the following services

  • Data centre and office IT equipment decommissioning
  • Data disk wipe and destruction
  • IT-waste recycling and disposal
  • IT asset brokerage
  • IT remarketing - We buy in bulk the following:
  • Servers
  • PC / Laptops
  • Server and PC components ie CPU, memory, HDD, SSD, GCU.
  • Storage systems
  • Networking hardware ie switches, routers, firewall wireless AP’s and SFP’s.
  • VOIP telephones
  • Tablets and mobile phones

No matter how comprehensive your ITAD project or the types of equipment, we’ve got you covered. We can help with any network infrastructure teardowns, bulk drive erasure, shredding or degaussing, and responsible recycling.

Flux IT hardware can help you generate revenue from your redundant IT equipment. By taking care of the entire IT asset lifecycle process.


Consider the following.

Staff working from home still? The recent work from home rule has meant companies and organisations have substantially more hardware than they did last year, particularly laptops, monitors, and mobile phones.  Whether due to the potential for further “lockdowns” or simply that people and businesses have realised the various benefits of remote working, much of this “extra” equipment will likely become part of business as usual going forward. What do you do with it, when is not required as the personally have returned to the office full time. Answers: storage, redeploy, or remarketing.


All in the office? Not all companies and organisations decided or can adopt widespread remote workers, and even those who did will have certain employees that will either want or need to return to the office.  This means it’s likely that firms will find themselves with excess equipment.  If that’s you, what are your options? Answers: storage, redeploy, or remarketing.


Reducing Potential Purchases

Some companies and organisations will wish to reuse their equipment within their employee base to reduce the need for new hardware purchases.  Refurbishing and reusing equipment is already becoming popular as some buyers struggle to source new equipment due to increased demand and disrupted supply chains.


Reselling Hardware

Some companies and organisations wish to resell their excess equipment to help generate some return on their IT investments.  As an ITAD service provider, Flux IT Hardware have access to the UK and European channels through which we can broker sell equipment to generate the best possible financial returns for you. As well as cutting costs or making you money, we can also help you to cut waste.  Most SME’s and large corporations already have waste reduction goals.  Many of them work to prevent “waste electrical and electronic equipment” (WEEE) where possible and to reduce the disposal of it in line with the WEEE Directive.  ITAD is an important piece of this puzzle and it shouldn’t be overlooked.  It’s imperative to deal with used assets appropriately and securely. Beware most UK recycling companies do not provide money-back for recycled goods. So it’s important to keep a keen eye on your WEEE vendors, as they will determine your ITAD cost and whether you see a return from your used assets.


Securing Data

Data disk wiping and destruction from used IT assets are highly important to both a company’s and client’s security, and it will ensure that they don’t fall foul of the various international data protection regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA.  This is an area in which companies cannot afford to slip.  While the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has pledged to be more flexible due to the current climate, data breaches can lead to significant financial penalties; not to mention a loss in client trust and damage to the company’s brand. We offer HDD and SSD wiping to drive shredding.


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