What to do with Decommissioned Hardware During a Cloud Migration

cashbackSo, you are landed with the initiative to migrate your company’s data to the cloud. A wise choice perhaps, as it offers improved scalability, reliability, lower costs, better-quality analytics, and varied disaster recovery options.

You conduct your research into the best provide, collate all the varied price options, present your case to the heads of department and get sign off from procurement.

Well done, but now the real hard work begins. Embracing your migration passage will be a layered learning process full of challenges. One of the biggest cost factors overlooked by most businesses during migration is to implement an asset recovery program.

Take time to think about your asset recovery program

cashback2Decommissioning equipment during cloud migration is generally the last thing on most people’s mind. Often WEEE disposal companies are bought in to take away equipment, with little regard to the financial impact this has on the business. Not only are you potentially losing a big chunk of money you have both environmental and security implications to handle.  

Is there value in your perfectly good equipment?

In most instances yes, it is often the main reason why WEEE disposal companies offer to take your equipment away for free. Simply to then sell it on to companies like us, who then refurbish and resell perfectly good equipment. Therefore, why pass on the opportunity to collect revenue on your existing kit you have already purchased.  

Where to start?

Firstly, contact Flux IT. We know exactly what to do in the decommissioning process associated with a cloud move? You will be guided through the necessary steps to evaluate and inventory your hardware assets. Flux IT will advise you of the valuation of your surplus equipment in-line with current market rates. He’s the smart part! Determine if you prefer Flux IT to simply buy your existing assets or consolidate your hardware. We have trade-in options to recover your previous investment, against the overall cost of cloud migration.

Helping the environment

Recovering and recycling networking hardware is a greener more environmentally friendly way to handle your old assets. Let Flux IT offer you hassle-free service and providing all the necessary data security audit and certification.

quoteWhat to do next?

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