Calling all IT service managers and network engineers charged with managing your Company's network infrastructure.  You will undoubtedly be budget-conscious when selecting your Network hardware.  Many organisations select Cisco as the preferred vendor for switches and routers and find that the hardware does an excellent job.  However, after a period of time, it is announced that the equipment which has suited your requirements so well will become End-of-Life (EOL), meaning the vendor will only provide software support a further 1-5 years, yet the hardware support won't be covered.  This can force organisations to cut network budgets in important areas in order to procure the latest hardware replacements.

Cisco End-of-Life (EOL) isn't the End of the World

As an IT service manager or network engineer faced with having EOL Cisco switches or routers in your network, there’s no need to despair.  You may be thinking that it will be necessary to completely replace your hardware with the latest switches or routers, but this isn't the case.  Despite the fact that Cisco will eventually stop providing support, there are other options for maintaining and supporting EOL equipment cost effectively.

The Alternative Way of Supporting EOL Cisco Switches and Routers

Not only can your organisation continue using EOL equipment, but you may also find it is much more cost-effective than purchasing new equipment in the long term.

Here are a few options to consider for supporting your EOL switches and routers:

  • Alternative maintenance and replacement services: Flux IT Hardware offer a maintenance program that provides services for legacy Cisco products.  This means you don't have to rely on Cisco SMARTnet for support.  Call our team for more details.
  • Low-cost replacement/spares: Rather than upgrading to the latest Cisco products, it’s possible to simply replace a defective unit with a comparable, if not better refurbished unit.  Refurbished Cisco routers and switches have high-reliability ratings and can be purchased with significant savings.  At Flux IT we specialise in high quality refurbished Cisco equipment. We stock a wide range of Cisco switches, routers, security systems and access servers.  With 1000’s of products to choose from and an unrivalled network of vetted suppliers we find the best prices and pass the savings onto you.  All backed up with a choice of warranties to give you complete peace of mind when purchasing.
  • Best of both maintenance and spares:  A combination of maintenance and spares will give you a solid solution to keep your equipment covered should a problem arise.  Talk to a Cisco refurbished hardware specialist at Flux IT Hardware, with no need to be concerned about Cisco EOL equipment replacement.


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Cisco routers simplify how to create a secure, reliable, and scalable network at lower cost.



Cisco and HP switch to scale to meet the needs of networks of all sizes with highly secure, reliable switching solutions.



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Transceiver Modules support Ethernet, Sonet/SDH and Fibre Channel applications across various Switches and Routers.


Should you have any redundant Cisco Stock we can either buy it outright, part exchange it against new equipment or hold it as a credit on your account to be used against future purchases.


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