Look to sell your used Cisco switches or routers.


Do you have used or unwanted Cisco networking hardware in a rack or in a corner? Not sure how to dispose of it all? Considered selling it!

The fast answer is to fill out our quick online form and we will get back to you right away with cash valuation.

Let's discuss the other options for disposing of that surplus or decommissioned Cisco hardware. 


Option 1: Don't do anything. Bad option, but sticking your head in the sand. Hiding used Cisco equipment somewhere around the office or the data centre storeroom isn't an effective solution.

Option 2: Pay a WEEE Disposal company to dispose of your Cisco networking equipment for you. A fairly common way of getting rid of used networking equipment. While this gets rid of the problem, the service comes at a price and doesn’t do anything to help the bottom line or increase the return on investment.

Option 3: Sell the switches or routers on your own via good old eBay. Do you have the time to deal with listing, marketing, selling, packing and shipping networking equipment?

Option 4: Sell the used Cisco networking equipment to Flux IT Hardware! Suggestion: Probably the best option.


Why you should choose option 4?

  1. The used switches, routers, and wireless products go away within days of contacting us.
  2. Your company can make money in the process.
  3. It’s easy, we take care of the logistics.
  4. With years of experience, we are reliable and one of the most active used Cisco equipment buyers in the UK.
Disposing of used Cisco IT assets doesn't have to be hard, expensive, or time-consuming. Selling your Cisco networking equipment to Flux IT Hardware will save you time, money and hassle compared to other disposal methods. 

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