Why Sell Your Surplus New or Used Cisco Routers and Switches?

Turn your surplus or unwanted Cisco equipment into working capital

There are many reasons why your company or organisation may be getting rid of a Cisco router or switch. You could replace dead equipment that is no longer functioning properly. In this instance, the equipment can be salvaged or recycled, which amounts to getting small amounts of money for the value of the raw materials. However, if your company or organisation is either upgrading or downsizing due to you moving to a cloud-based service, the equipment is still functioning perfectly but is no longer an integral part of a network.

There are several ways to go about selling your equipment on the second-hand market. In general, you can deal with independent buyers who are usually looking for individual units via eBay or you can work through a broker who will buy your available hardware and remarket it to end-users.

Flux IT have been purchasing de-installed Cisco router and switch from end-users, corporate and the public sector for many years. We buy your new, used and open box Cisco router, or switch, giving our customer the chance to turn unwanted or surplus Cisco IT equipment into extra cash flow or a reduction on the cost of an upgrade or installation.

Flux IT buys large and small lots of networking equipment from all over the world. We in turn pay top market prices for pre-owned Cisco equipment. We are ready to bid on your larger quantity of decommissioned network hardware.

We’re flexible to work with; we can handle any logistics and offer a fast turnaround. Plus, we can dispose of any zero-valued equipment following the WEEE and data destruction legislation.

Sectors We Service

  • Educational
  • Corporate
  • Public Sector
  • Telco’s
  • ISP´s
  • Service centre’s
  • IT Engineers within the transportation, and energy sector.

Maybe consider Trade in your old Cisco router, or switch for an upgraded model. The majority of our customers reuse our buyback service to gain capital for new purchases on hardware networking infrastructure.

Data Security. You needn’t worry about wiping any data or passwords from your kit when selling it to us, we’ll look after all of that for you on our side with all configs, passwords and data being wiped and reset to factory defaults.


How do I sell my hardware? You can be paid for your used Cisco equipment in 4 easy steps

1 QUOTE - Complete the form below with a list of kit you’re looking to sell, with the make, model and condition it’s in.

2 REVIEW - We’ll make you an offer based on your information. If you like it, you let us know and we send a courier for collection

3 TEST - We’ll test the equipment and make sure it’s just as you specified, if it’s not, we’ll let you know our revised offer.

4 GET PAID - Given that you’re happy with everything, we’ll ask accounts to make a payment directly into your bank account

A simple way of getting to cash for your Surplus New or Used Cisco Routers and Switches

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