Cisco has to be one of the most recognisable names in networking equipment nowadays globally, so it’s no surprise that many UK and European based companies have an excess inventory of used or new unwanted Cisco Catalyst and Nexus switches in their warehouses collecting dust

Are you working in one of these companies or an institution that does not realise that they have a gold mine sitting in the corner? What are you waiting for? Find out how easy it is to be able to receive a surprising return on your investment on that dead inventory. Ask Flux IT hardware, a reputable UK Cisco recycling broker to purchase your end-of-life Cisco technology.

Flux IT Hardware provides Cisco switch recycling services that enable clients to eliminate the burden of having to store and manage their older Cisco switches. We’ll buy Cisco switches that are no longer actively a part of your company’s IT infrastructure at fair market prices, thus alleviating your overhead and, depending on the quality of your equipment, even giving you back a return on your investment

If you have an excess of Cisco switches that aren’t being used in your current network system, we can buy and remove them quickly and efficiently so you no longer have to be burdened with storage and other logistics.

Contact Flux IT today for fair Cisco equipment recycling prices and fast removal. We are here to help you – quickly and easily. We can be reached by calling our ITAD team on 01992 576 522, by emailing or simply complete our quick online form and a Cisco recycling specialist will promptly respond to you. Feel free to include a spreadsheet of your used Cisco switches listed below to help expedite the process.

Flux IT Hardware offers a one-stop solution for dealing with all Cisco networking equipment surplus. Give us try today, we accept all models of used Cisco switches, including the following:

All Cisco Switches

  • Cisco Switch Catalyst 2960
  • Cisco Switch Catalyst 3650
  • Cisco Switch Catalyst 3850
  • Cisco Switch Catalyst 9200
  • Cisco Switch Catalyst 9300
  • Cisco Switch Catalyst 9400
  • Cisco Switch Catalyst 9500
  • Cisco Switch Catalyst 9600
  • Cisco Switch Catalyst 1000
  • Cisco Catalyst Micro Switches
  • Cisco Catalyst Compact Switch
  • Cisco Nexus 2000 Series
  • Cisco Nexus 3000 Series
  • Cisco Nexus 5000 Series
  • Cisco Nexus 9000 Series
  • Cisco Nexus 7000 Series
  • Cisco Industrial Ethernet 1000 Switches
  • Cisco Catalyst IE3000 Rugged Switches
  • Cisco Industrial Ethernet 2000 Switches
  • Cisco Industrial Ethernet 3000 Switches
  • Cisco Industrial Ethernet 4000 Switches
  • Cisco Industrial Ethernet 5000 Switches
  • Cisco Switch Catalyst 4500
  • Cisco Switch Catalyst 4900
  • Cisco Switch Catalyst 6800
  • Cisco Switch Catalyst 3560
  • Cisco Switch Catalyst 3750
  • Cisco Switch Catalyst 6500

Are you aware that there is money to be made from selling old Cisco switches, even new unwanted Cisco Catalyst 9200, 9300, and 9400 switches? There is a current high demand for Cisco networking equipment, due to the current chip shortage.

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